GiG confirms Nasdaq Stockholm listing

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 13 August, 2019 at 11:01 am by Christian Keszthelyi

After Nasdaq Stockholm today approved the application of Gaming Innovation Group Inc (GiG), trading in the iGaming company’s shares starts tomorrow, according to a press statement GiG sent to Business Malta.

“GiG is delighted to announce that Nasdaq Stockholm has approved our company for listing with the first day of trading tomorrow,” says Robin Reed, CEO of GiG.

“Stockholm is the hub and centre of excellence for the iGaming industry; this will put the company closer to its peer group with increased visibility in the market. We have many shareholders in Sweden and look forward to welcoming existing and new shareholders to join us on Nasdaq Stockholm,” the CEO adds.

GiG inks partnership with ABG

GiG and ABG Sundal Collier ASA (ABG) have, in connection to this listing, signed a market making agreement, commencing on the first day of trading and effective for an indefinite period until terminated by either party.

According to the agreement, ABG will provide GiG shares on Nasdaq Stockholm with a maximum spread between the bid and offer price of 4%, with calculation based on the bid quotation.

On each trading day, ABG undertakes to submit bids and offers in the GiG share into the trading system of Nasdaq Stockholm for a minimum of 85% of trading hours, inclusive of the auction procedures applicable to the shares, according to the press statement.

The GiG share will from this date be dual-listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and Oslo Børs with the same ISIN code: US36467X2062.

GiG has been listed on Oslo Børs (the Oslo Stock Exchange) since 2005.

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