GO customers enjoy peace of mind with no hidden price increases

Last Updated on Thursday, 14 December, 2023 at 7:01 pm by Andre Camilleri

No intention to introduce Price Indexation Clauses

The Malta Communications Authority recently issued a statement on the ‘Price Indexation Clause’, which caters for mid-contract price hikes, restricting consumers from terminating contracts without incurring early termination fees upon such adjustments.

This clause means that consumers could potentially be faced with a situation where their communications package could increase in price and they would not have the option to withdraw from the contract without incurring the standard penalty fees which are due should a contract be terminated before the contract expires. 

GO would like to reiterate that, unlike other local operators, it has never included such clauses in its service contracts and currently has no intention of introducing them. As a company, we fully believe in transparency and doing the right thing for our customers by making sure that they can enjoy our services with peace of mind.

Whilst global inflation has forced many other operators, both locally and internationally to increase prices, GO has undergone every effort to manage such costs and has not transferred such burden onto customers, keeping prices constant, whilst offering increased value to its customers.

This notwithstanding, it’s been an extraordinary year for us in terms of customer experience and we are proud to occupy top place in terms of brand equity and top of mind brand in Malta. This is the result of a collective effort which has brought True Fibre to more than 75% of the island, meaning that all of Malta and Gozo will be True Fibre connected by end of 2024, ahead of schedule. Furthermore, pressed on with our 5G technology rollout, launched a new integrated smart WiFi 6 modem which minimises clutter in the customers’ home, whilst reducing energy consumption, not to mention new content on the much-loved TV channel TOKIS, which is now the third most popular TV channel in Malta.

GO remains committed to making its customer’s lives better every day and looks forward to bringing increased value throughout 2024.

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