GO’s Mobile Network recognised as Malta’s fastest

Last Updated on Friday, 14 May, 2021 at 2:52 pm by Andre Camilleri

Ookla, the company behind Speedtest, the global leader in broadband network measurement, analysis and insight, has officially verified GO’s mobile network as being the fastest mobile network in Malta.*

Recognising GO’s achievement in network excellence, Doug Suttles, CEO and Co-founder of Ookla, said, “Winning this prestigious Speedtest Award is a significant achievement for GO, particularly during a time where communities across the globe turned to internet connectivity as their primary link to the rest of the world. It is a testament to GO’s commitment to provide their customers with a world class mobile internet experience.”

Ookla’s verification is obtained through its flagship product Speedtest, considered the premiere test for measuring speed and network efficiency.

“Being verified as having the fastest mobile network in Malta is a proud moment for GO and proves that we are on the right track in fulfilling our promise to offer the best possible  experience that enables our customers to connect seamlessly to the people they love and the content they enjoy, when and how they want,” said GO’s CEO, Nikhil Patil.

“Having the fastest mobile internet speed means peace of mind, efficiency and a moment never lost. We have been relentless in our efforts to improve our customers’ experience. This is just another milestone in our journey but it’s only half the story. Our purpose as a company is to drive a digital Malta where no one is left behind,” he added. ‘We want everyone to experience the fastest network in Malta, at full speeds, all the time. This is why all our products come at full speed, no throttling, so no one is left behind,’ continued Patil.

Speedtest is a true reflection of the customers’ experience because it is data-driven and based on individual customer-initiated tests thanks to its use by millions of people who use it everyday to better understand the performance and quality of their internet connections.

Speedtest Awards™, presented by Ookla®, are an elite designation reserved for fixed and mobile providers in a market. Based on consumer-initiated tests and background scans from Speedtest® applications, Speedtest Awards represent real world network performance and the internet speeds and coverage provided to customers.

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