Government and Opposition should act as enablers and let businesses drive economic growth

Last Updated on Wednesday, 19 May, 2021 at 2:55 pm by Andre Camilleri

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry has held a meeting with the Leader of the Opposition, Dr Bernard Grech during which it introduced the new Board of Management and put forward its priorities for the coming months.

The Malta Chamber insists on the importance of having the right environment which enables the private sector to drive economic growth. Government and the Opposition should only act as enablers, providing business and enterprise with the right framework that allows them to flourish in an equitable and fair manner.

Last year, The Malta Chamber published its Economic Vision 2025 identifying the 4 main pillars that should drive the national priorities – People, Technology, Sustainability, and Governance.  The country should have the right enablers in place to cultivate a qualified and skilled workforce, have a resilient digital infrastructure, promote good governance and environmental sustainability.  “If these four pillars are in place, the private sector is better placed, energised and more insightful to drive businesses towards prosperity and a better quality of life for all,” said President Marisa Xuereb.

The EU National Plan for Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRP) is giving the country an opportunity to harness sustainable growth.  It is of utmost importance to ensure that the RRP adequately addresses the key issues that hit our competitiveness in a tangible manner.

While calling for political consensus on long-term challenges such as overdevelopment, The Malta Chamber discussed the Opposition’s position on the proposed European directive on minimum wages and sought clarification on the recent statements by the Opposition Leader on a ‘fairer taxation system for small businesses.’  The Chamber supports reduction in tax if it does not discriminate between one business or another.

The meeting was led by President Marisa Xuereb and attended by Deputy President Mr Christopher Vassallo Cesareo, Vice-President Mr Nicholas Xuereb, Officer Mr Ian Casolani, and CEO Dr Marthese Portelli.  Hon Claudio Grech, Hon Kristy Debono and Perit Giorgio Schembri accompanied the Leader of Opposition.

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