Government inaugurates new offices for the Gozo Regional Development Authority

Last Updated on Saturday, 4 February, 2023 at 11:52 am by Andre Camilleri

The government has inaugurated the new offices of the Gozo Regional Development Authority (GRDA) in Victoria, Gozo.

Prime Minister Robert Abela has defined the GRDA as a tool to give the best economic opportunities for the island. He said that the GRDA can push forward ambitious initiatives in Gozo in favour of carbon neutrality.

Abela said that the government has given €17 million in aid to incentivize the private sector in Gozo in the last three years, where Malta Enterprise has helped around a thousand businesses in initiatives designed to strengthen and expand their opeations.

He reiterated that the fact that this Authority was established at the height of the pandemic clearly shows that when faced with challenges, the government looks forward to overcome them and devise a more long-term vision, which leads to more successes in our country.

Abela said that the government is committed to continue implementing more measures and attract more investment for more economic growth in Gozo.

He said that the GRDA has a crucial role as in addition to developing a strategy for regional development on the island, it also has the authority to protect the interests of Gozo whenever there are political decisions or projects which affect Gozo.

Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri also spoke, as he explained that the biggest project the authority has worked on, and whose works are still ongoing, is that of the Gozo Regional Airfield.

Independent studies carried out by the Authority all indicate that the project is feasible, therefore the application was submitted to the Planning Authority, Camilleri said.

He said that in the coming months, the Authority will assume more responsibilities that will continue to raise its profile and further establish its dimension. The GRDA will be coordinating the plan of how the €60 million allocated under the Urban Sustainable Development fund will be used efficiently.

Chief Executive of the GRDA Mario Borg said that the Authority has managed to establish itself as a leading entity in Gozo over the last two years.

He said that the authority has worked on many policies and projects related to more sustainable socio-economic development, as well as setting up structures for continuous contact with all stakeholders.

On Friday, Abela met with a number of representatives of Gozitan social partners, who were satisfied with the measures taken, which will have a positive impact towards tourism and the increase in wealth.

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