Government plants 35,600 trees and shrubs in 54 localities in 2022

Last Updated on Saturday, 21 January, 2023 at 8:59 am by Andre Camilleri

Malta launches its participation in the European Commission’s platform MapMyTree

The government planted 35,600 trees and shrubs in various parks and natural sites in more than 54 localities across Malta and Gozo in 2022.

Minister for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise Miriam Dalli explained that these trees will be one of Malta’s first contributions to the European Union objective of planting three billion trees by 2030.

During a tree planting activity at Majjistral Park, the minister explained that the trees that different government entities are planting as part of this environmental initiative will be registered on MapMyTree, a web application launched by the European Commission. Ambjent Malta is coordinating Malta’s participation in this application.

This app, which is available at, is open to everyone, and not only for government entities. Individuals, businesses, and organisations who plant indigenous trees to enrich Malta’s biodiversity and reduce the impacts of the climate emergency can register them to contribute towards the attainment of the three billion trees target.

Minister Dalli thanked the government entities, voluntary organisations and business who are planting more and more trees and shrubs in Malta and Gozo every year.

“This initiative goes beyond our contribution towards the European afforestation targets. The trees that we are planting are an important way of preserving our natural environment. They also contribute to our long-term plan for more green open spaces, where families can relax and enjoy a better quality of life closer to nature. MapMyTree is another tool which will help us implement this environmental plan,” said Minister Dalli.

The minister also reminded that the ministry has just launched the agency Project Green, which will push forward the Government’s seven-year plan to invest €700 million in the creation of green open spaces in every locality. Amongst its first projects, in 2023 Project Green is planting 7,500 indigenous trees, which will be funded by the private sector to achieve their ESG commitments.

The EU established its three billion trees target by 2030 as part of the European Green Deal, an environmental plan for Europe’s sustainability and environmental resilience, in reaction to the 2020 pandemic. This target also forms part of the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030.

Ambjent Malta Director Josianne Muscat explained that whilst measuring Europe’s progress towards this goal, the MapMyTree web app is also raising awareness on the importance of afforestation and environment protection in Malta.

Ambjent Malta General Director Herman Galea, Environment and Resources Authority CEO Kevin Mercieca and Parks Malta Director General Adrian Attard participated in this tree-planting event as well.

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