Ground-breaking ‘Zero Commission’ post Covid recovery initiative from Ryde

Last Updated on Tuesday, 18 May, 2021 at 9:05 am by Andre Camilleri

Mobility Company Ryde Technologies makes boldest move ever to encourage post-COVID recovery by direct financial assistance to drivers.

The tech-mobility market in Malta experienced a rapid boom up until early 2020, followed by a steep decline as the economy was hit by Covid. Couple with this, many mobility-app companies are no strangers to driver related issues such as working hours, accountability for VAT and wage related problems. Now, the current feeling in the market is of a good, steady growth in usage as people emerge from restrictive conditions.

Seeing increased usage, Ryde Technologies has decided to take a bold leap to improve both worker conditions and incomes to help them get back to their feet in the shortest time possible with full transparency. This is being done by applying a ZERO COMMISSION rate to a number of drivers who are on-boarded now, for the next three months – arguably the busiest months as the beginning of a post-Covid tourist season starts emerging. This means Ryde drivers will take the full value of the Ryde mobility platform at no cost and applies to drivers with all vehicle types working from any location in Malta and Gozo.

Commenting on the Zero Commission initiative, Kevin Vella, Director of Ryde Technologies said: “We believe that the company is there to protect our people, and we have proven our resilience in doing so. Now it’s time to go the extra mile in putting the driver first and help them and the industry recover. We call these early on boarders our A-Team! Only when our drivers are happy can we then ensure our passengers will be satisfied.”

The company also mentioned that after the partner-driver initiative, there will be a campaign to support passengers in a drive to speed up economic recovery and get people back to normal employment, their work commute or leisure activities.

From its very inception, Ryde was built around state-of-the-art technology that has huge value and impressive capability. The company has always maintained that the value of this high-tech without great humans is exactly zero, with the founders always believed that Ryde should embody a ‘well-being’ business concept over a purely financial one.

Ryde’s combination of technology and humans is what makes it a winning brand that can offer this service at the highest efficiency and lowest cost to passengers. Users will find an easy, seamless booking process that will encourage them to use Ryde over any other form of transport.

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