High cost of living needs to be addressed – Opposition Leader

Last Updated on Wednesday, 4 May, 2022 at 2:16 pm by Andre Camilleri

The high cost of living that is affecting so many families needs to be addressed, Opposition Leader Bernard Grech said.

Speaking during a meeting with the Chamber of Commerce, Grech said that the country needs to strengthen its economic sectors and create new ones, to ensure a resilient economy and create better quality jobs.

At the start of the meeting, which was attended by 12 PN spokespersons, chamber president said the chamber expects political maturity from the Opposition, which includes a clear vision for the country, consistency, clear communication, credibility, and sustainability among others. She said that the Opposition must remain constructive in its criticism on the government’s decisions.

Xuereb also there should be agreement between the government and the opposition on persons to perform functions such as that of the Ombudsman. She said that during the legislature, there will have to be an appointment of a new Standards Commissioner, as well as a new President of the Republic.

Xuereb acknowledged the new faces in the new PN shadow cabinet, which she said was a sign of regeneration, but she said that it is important for the party to value experienced individuals.

She added that there needs to be alignment within the party, and not a division.

In reply, Grech said that the PN has the obligation to continue to grow as a party, and that members of the party are prepared and energetic for the coming legislature.

On regeneration, Grech said that this is necessary and important for each organisation, however it does not mean that each party member, experienced or not, should not be utilised for their different values and talents.

Grech said that the opposition will be there to serve to monitor the government’s operations and criticise constructively without interrupting progress.

“The country has a number of problems, of which its solutions will not be found by simply saying that every other country is being affected. The high cost of living is affecting many individuals and businesses and this needs to be addressed,” Grech said.

He also mentioned that there is no law which finances parties, and this creates a discrepancy between the opposition and the government.

Grech said the PN looks forward to continuing consultations with the chamber to better the economy and for businesses to continue moving forward. “Every individual can live a better quality of life,” he said.

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