HM to hold public lecture on birds in Mdina

(source: Heritage Malta)

Heritage Malta (HM) will hold a public lecture on bird collections on 25 October at the National Museum of Natural History in Mdina, according to a press release sent to Business Malta.

The lecture will cover over 150 years of curating the collections and how a collection of 1,700 specimens has managed to reach a 10,000 figure.

In addition, the event will focus on some specimens and a number of donations, the taxidermists who prepared the specimens and the curators and ornithologists who studied Maltese birds.

Participants will learn about the role of the collections in the museum as tangible records, as comparative and prime source material for scientists making use of genetic studies, as well as aids to police investigations. Moreover, the talk will include the future of these collections, including their digitisation and their accessibility on the internet.

Admission to this event is free of charge.

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