HMV Supplies, a new concept service by Halmann Vella Group

Last Updated on Monday, 1 August, 2022 at 11:32 am by Andre Camilleri

The company, selling a spate of high-end marble and granite materials, have expanded their premises to better showcase their wide-ranging offering.

Halmann Vella Group have expanded their premises to include a new wing, HMV Supplies, to showcase the firm’s expanded product offering.

“Our target is to be a one-stop-shop in our industry”, attests Halmann Vella’s Chief Commercial Officer, Owen Farrugia, who underscored the drive towards such an extension was to better serve the market and customer’s needs.

“We extended our existing shop to improve the service by offering a wide variety of products to our clientele, which include those working in the residential market, as well as installers, contractors and those seeking to complete DIY projects,” he explained.

These changes were driven by a specific need to address changes in the market, Mr Farrugia specified, saying that “through the expansion and re-design of our shop we are better meeting customer needs and market trends.” The outlet is open from 07:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday and up to 1300 on Saturday, with plans to continue to extend further.

HMV Supplies has an expansive range of products, including premium stone care products, adhesives, raw materials, pebbles, profiles, gutters, drains, chemicals, grouting, health and safety equipment, tools, cermic tile, sanitary ware, bathroom accesories, faucets, natural stone and sills precuts.

Kevin Rapinett, Group CEO said: ”Following the extension of our Mosta showroom and the completion of a new logistics centre in Hal Far, the re-launch of our retail outlet is another milestone in the growth journey of the Halmann Vella Group.  Despite the industry challenges over the past months, we continue to be engaged in a number of flagship projects, surfacing the most beautiful spaces on the island with pride and passion.”

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