Holistic planning with a clear vision creates jobs and improves quality of life – Malta Chamber

Last Updated on Monday, 27 September, 2021 at 8:59 am by Andre Camilleri

Change in current approach to development and construction cannot be further delayed

The Maltese economy is highly diversified with many industries contributing positively and having sustainable growth potential, including construction if we focus on quality. 

The Malta Chamber re-iterates its stand that development and the construction industry must improve and evolve with full respect to Malta and Gozo’s heritage, history, culture, natural environment and well-being.

The country urgently needs a holistic Master Plan and revised local plans supported with clear policies which do not leave room for abusive exploitation in their interpretation and application. The ad hoc planning approach adopted over the years has uglified Malta, created uncertainty, excessive speculation and a non-level playing field between industry players as well as the general public. 

A piecemeal approach to planning goes against the very spirit of planning itself.  Development Brief changes, Partial Reviews and incongruent policy interpretation and application must stop.  Instead effort must by placed on developing the must needed holistic Master Plan based on a well-studied carrying capacity exercise.

Our country’s success requires development to become sustainable, greener, cleaner and pleasant on the eye with full respect to saving our identity and to well-being.  We need to move towards more regeneration, more restoration, applying different work methods, using new products and upskilling.  This new way of doing development and construction will not only safeguard the employment and jobs of the current workforce but will also create endless new job opportunities.

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