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The HR Network Series (HRNS) is running for the fourth consecutive year in 2019 and has garnered such popularity among HR professionals and business people interested in human resources in general that organisers had to put a cap on attendee numbers, Analise Germani, Project Leader at, tells Business Malta after the event.

The first HRNS session — which was the fourteenth in its history — was held on 1 March at Palazzo de Piro in Mdina, focusing on the topic of “Marketing in HR”, organised by Salaries in Malta. The event attracted the attention of slightly more than 60 people. One session comprises of a so-called master class presentation, which is followed by the case studies, related to HR operations in companies.

March’s session hosted Joanna Ripard, Director of Communications at Hili Ventures for the master class presentation. The two case studies were delivered by Peter Grech, Founder and  CEO of BRND WGN, and Lee Smallwood Cassar, Chief Marketing Officer at Konnekt.

“Being the fourth year that the series is running, I feel that it has gained popularity not only with HR professionals but also anyone who would be interested in the particular topic we are discussing. We have therefore had to cap it to a maximum of 60 participants and being a sold out event; I am delighted with the turnout, as well as the interest that is shown,” Ms Germani of Salaries in Malta tells BM.

The organisers appear to pay special attention to planning the events, seeking professionals whose expertise can be beneficial for the participants attending the presentations. “When planning the series we think of individuals who have extensive experience on the topic in discussion, so we always choose speakers who can share their expertise and experience for the audience to take away tools and practices they can utilise in their organisations,” Ms Germani explains.

The series boasts of sessions hosted quarterly, putting another three events in the pipeline for this year. The upcoming sessions are scheduled for May, July and October, carrying the topics of “Tax Efficient Employee Benefits”, “HR Led Change” and “How to Deal with a Multicultural Work Environment”, respectively.

“The topics are generally chosen from the feedback the participants give us. However, if there is a current topic which we feel needs addressing and related discussion can be to the benefit of industry players, we also consider it,” Ms Germani says.

The organisers warn that as space is limited for participants, registration for the upcoming sessions should be filed in advance to get in before all the tickets are sold out.

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