Identity Malta transitions to Identità, entering a ‘new phase’

Last Updated on Wednesday, 20 September, 2023 at 3:00 pm by Andre Camilleri

During a conference to commemorate Identity Malta’s transformation and achievements over the past 10 years, the agency launched its new brand and presented its goals for the coming years.

From last week Identity Malta Agency will now be referred to as Identità, marking an important milestone in its renewal process, the agency said in a statement. Notwithstanding this change, customers’ interests will remain at the heart of the decision-making process, it added.

Identità CEO Mark Mallia emphasised that this is not a cosmetic change, but an accumulation of changes which the public can vouch for, and this was proven through the two Quality Labels awarded by the Public Service to the Passport Office and the Identity Cards Unit for the quality service they provide.

The Minister for Home Affairs, Security, Reforms and Equality, Byron Camilleri stated that Identity Malta Agency was set up 10 years ago to provide identity management solutions and to safeguard national.

Camilleri attributed the agency’s success to the tireless efforts of Identità’s employees and the continuous technological investment done over the years. In the first seven months of this year, the agency issued more than 34,000 passports and nearly 13,000 identity cards which reflects a portion of the ever-increasing demand for its services.

“Since the inception of Identity Malta, this agency has undergone a profound transformation. During this period, it has not only expanded its service portfolio but also significantly enhanced service quality. The services provided by the agency today bear little resemblance to those of a decade ago. Given the ongoing socio-economic development in our nation, Identità must remain adaptable to further enhance its services for the benefit of our society,” concluded Minister Camilleri.

CEO Mark Mallia remarked that “everyone has a story, Identità officialises it. Whether you are travelling abroad, relocating to Malta, purchasing your new home, getting married or have recently given birth, you will require our services”. Mallia urged the agency’s employees to put themselves in the client’s position when performing their duties.

Further adding that Identità is a regulating entity which does not shy from taking the necessary decisions, even if they are unpopular at times. Col. Mallia emphasised on the importance of attuning the agency’s vision to respond to the needs of an ever-evolving economy and a modern society. In his speech, Mallia reiterated that the agency will continue to offer unwavering support to genuine employers seeking to hire foreign workers in highly demanded sectors. However, those attempting to exploit foreign workers and inundate the system with applications for unnecessary vacancies will find strong resistance.

The new logo symbolises authenticity, security and innovation. The use of the Maltese language is a tribute to the island’s rich cultural heritage which has shaped Malta’s identity over the centuries. The watchtower fearlessly protecting the Maltese shores represents Identità’s commitment towards safeguarding citizens’ identity from document fraud and identity theft. This can only be achieved with the use of cutting-edge technology which makes it extremely difficult to forge or temper with an official document. Finally, the biometric fingerprint captures all elements of the logo. Apart from being an important security feature, the biometric fingerprint portrays Identità’s digital drive in making more of its services available online.

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