Ipsyon Ltd appoints Gabriel Sultana as new Chief Technology Officer

Gabriel Sultana, New Chief Technology Officer for Ipsyon Ltd

Last Updated on Thursday, 19 August, 2021 at 1:51 pm by Andre Camilleri

Ipsyon Ltd, a subsidiary of Harvest Technology plc, has appointed a new Chief Technology Officer, Gabriel Sultana. With more than 23 years of experience in the IT Software world, Gabriel was exposed to and contributed to different business sectors ranging from Government Digital Identity and Online Payment Systems, to Performance Marketing and IOT. His professional growth journey shows consistent build up in covering roles such as Quality Assurance Engineer; Technical and Enterprise Architect; Head of Architecture and Technologies and Chief Technology Officer.

Gabriel has earned a master’s degree in Information Technology and Management with specialization in Cloud Technologies. His journey in education also exhibits growth and diversification. After finishing his studies in the Electronics Engineering field at Fellenberg Training Centre, he continued his studies in Computing and Information Systems, with several professional certifications along the way. This covering specialized Software Engineering and Data Science topics like Big Data and Statistics.

“Privacy, Security and Regulatory shifts have become increasingly frequent and disruptive to the extent that businesses nowadays are being pushed to become nimbler and more innovative to remain relevant,” said Gabriel Sultana. He continued to emphasize that “combining a continuous change mentality with the right technologies and modern engineering practices can help accelerate the process. Ultimately the focus should always be the end customer. Hence during the change journey, it is important that the aim remains to bring continuous value in the products and services being offered… this means being closer to our customers, being aware of the competition and have full understanding of the data being collected and its potential use. Internally this means a strong collaborative team that is ready to harness continuous learning and that is vested in the success of its customer.”

“I would like to welcome Gabriel Sultana to Ipsyon Ltd. I am sure that he will provide great technical leadership as the Chief Technology Officer. His skills and experience will be essential for taking forward the company’s technological roadmap,” said Dr Godwin Caruana, CEO and CTO Harvest technology plc.

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