‘It’s time to invest’ – Express Trailers

Last Updated on Wednesday, 20 January, 2021 at 1:19 pm by Andre Camilleri

In an economic downturn the Company is investing… towards sustainability

“This is the right time to invest because we believe the current situation will pass and when business picks up again, we need to be fully prepared.”

Franco Azzopardi, Group CEO of Express Trailers was commenting as Express Trailers started taking delivery of a new fleet of refrigerated trailers to support its growing pharma and cold-chain operations.

The first pharma trailers, acquired from one of the most established trailer builders in Europe specializing in the production of vehicles for the pharmaceutical industry, arrived in Malta over the past few weeks.

“For many companies, these past months have not been very conducive to investment plans and most have chosen to tread with caution, opting for a more measured and contained strategy. But at Express Trailers, we know very well that when faced with a defining moment, this is an opportunity that can define us. This is why we chose to face this defining moment confidently by investing and gearing up for the growing demands of the local cold chain market,” said Franco Azzopardi, CEO of Express Trailers.

Express Trailers acquired these new trailers in line with its commitment to operate more sustainably. In fact, these trailers are equipped with the next generation cooling units and feature an all-electric design that significantly improves performance and efficiency with fuel savings of up to 30 per cent. Their diesel electronically controlled engine creates more efficient cold production with significant improvements in weight, noise, and vibration.

“Whenever we invest in our fleet, it takes us back to our roots – back when the Vella brothers, upon the realisation that the world of transport and logistics was a fast paced one, sat down to decide where they wanted to go. Their agreement was unanimous: to grow, they needed to invest in proper vehicles. Since then, investment in the fleet has always been Express Trailers’ way of challenging the market forces,” added Franco Azzopardi. “Today, investment decisions have developed into a complex decision of how best to intersect excellence of service to the customer, with environmental considerations under our ESG (environmental, social and governance) policy, and with giving our people the best tools of trade,” added the Group CEO.

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