Leading firms join forces to support Gaming community following recent changes in MGA Key Function requirements

From left: Michael Spiteri Bailey, AE Business Advisors; Chris Vella, Exacta Solutions; Georg Sapiano, AE Business Advisors

Last Updated on Wednesday, 1 December, 2021 at 2:18 pm by Andre Camilleri

The Gaming Authority (MGA) has published new regulations changing the way key personnel – called ‘post holders’ – will need to be hired by gaming companies that are licensed in Malta. This is a regulatory requirement. 

This change will oblige iGaming companies to make a number of operational and human resources adjustments that are challenging, given the robust state of the employment market.

The B2B key functions have been reduced from nine to seven and the B2C key functions have been reduced from fifteen to eight but the job descriptions and key requirements for each role have become more comprehensive. 

Two leading Maltese firms, AE Business Advisors and Exacta Solutions have joined forces to support iGaming companies based here in Malta, in the implementation of the new rules.

“We have been supporting the business community for more than two decades and, as compliance tightens, we can help them overcome the challenges that come with this development.” Said Dr. Georg Sapiano of AE Business Advisors.

AE provides technical persons, who are already approved by the MGA, for the key regulatory roles that an iGaming company needs to fill and wants to outsource for a period of up to one year.

Chris Vella, co-founder and MD at Exacta Solutions added, “Our role is not to provide immediate and temporary relief, that is the role of AE. What we do is provide the outreach to the market where we have a large network, to find the right candidates for these roles: people who want to make a career out of this.”

The leader of AE’s iGaming Practice, Michael Spiteri Bailey thinks that the synergy will work particularly well for start-ups: “When a brand is in its early stages, it is relatively unknown on the market and potential recruits are unlikely to be attracted by the chance of a career there, preferring the more established players. “

Once a long-term candidate is selected, the applicant receives industry-specific training from a technical team: induction and guidance is provided to help the new post-holder transition seamlessly into his or her new role.

For more information on the latest MGA regulations, one can visit: https://www.mga.org.mt/wp-content/uploads/Key-Function-Eligibility-Criteria-Policy-18.10.21-1.pdf

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