Leading marketing professionals unveil new brand identity for marketing solutions firm: GRO

Last Updated on Wednesday, 19 May, 2021 at 11:14 am by Andre Camilleri

Davinia Mallia Pulé and Kyra Meli, two marketing professionals with over 15 years of experience in the industry, have joined forces to set up a results-driven marketing solutions firm: GRO.

The brand name represents the company’s focus on empowering quality businesses to reach their growth potential.

Having both worked with leading international and local brands, the duo first started collaborating on projects back in 2018 whilst they were each operating their respective marketing businesses.

“I first met Kyra when she was leading the marketing department at GSD Marketing Ltd where I was roped in to consult on some marketing projects. Kyra was a dream client and we hit it off immediately. She was organized, full of energy and open to new ideas.” said Davinia.

Kyra then went on to launch her own marketing consultancy firm in 2018 and the two continued to work together on a number of projects and campaigns over the years.

The collaboration enabled them to use their combined skill set and experience to help businesses successfully implement communication strategies that generate results.

In 2020, the two decided to make their partnership official, through the set-up of a boutique marketing solutions firm.

“It’s not easy to go through such a change amid a pandemic” said Kyra “However seeing what businesses were going through, made us even more determined about our mission to help businesses communicate effectively and grow into recognized brands.”

Davinia and Kyra come with a wealth of experience in the industry, having both started their marketing careers working within advertising agencies, then moving on to work in-house at leading companies, namely Alf Mizzi & Sons (Marketing) Group, GSD Marketing Ltd and Food Chain Ltd.

“We have been in our clients’ shoes and we understand what matters most to businesses when it comes to marketing and PR. We work alongside our clients as trusted partners, offering them a pro-active approach that allows them to focus on their business, knowing that their marketing efforts are being managed and optimized for results.” said Davinia.

“Businesses often miss out on opportunities because they do not have the specialized resources and time required to successfully implement an effective strategy.” added Kyra. “This leads to loss of business. Our experience, coupled with our passion and energy, enables us to help brands seize all opportunities to connect with potential customers and grow their brand.”

The brand’s logo design represents the concept of pulsing growth as well as the notion that to achieve results one must take several strategic steps, characterized by the different layers of the letter O.

The font and colour palette denote a corporate, fresh brand image, whilst maintaining a contemporary tone.

“We are excited to continue this journey together with our talented team and look forward to proactively supporting businesses and empowering them to grow their brand.” They added.

GRO is a full-service boutique marketing agency offering 360-degree support to businesses in Malta and Gozo, providing the following core services, among others: Marketing Strategy, Branding, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Creative Direction, Campaign Development, Content Creation, Brand Management, Public Relations & Corporate Event Management.

Find out more by visiting https://gro.com.mt/ or contact them on info@gro.com.mt

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