Let us be guided by our scientific experts

Last Updated on Friday, 20 November, 2020 at 5:37 pm by Andre Camilleri

Public Health Superintendence and Health Authorities, enjoy Malta Chamber’s complete trust

The Malta Chamber is heartened to note the positive strides being registered on the international stage in relation to the development and distribution of an effective vaccine against COVID-19. As hope seems to loom closer, everyone is encouraged to act responsibly, for the benefit of one and all.

With the daily count of new COVID-19 cases exceeding the 100 mark, and the daily death-toll expected to continue to climb over the next weeks, it is most imperative, now more than ever, to listen carefully to the directives issued by the Ministry of Health, and all Health Authorities, and follow all safety protocols diligently and responsibly.

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry has insisted on this basic principle, from the first day of the pandemic. Our Public Health Superintendence and Health Authorities, enjoy The Malta Chamber’s complete trust on the matter.

Therefore, any attempt to discredit the work of the country’s scientific experts in this field, or to disseminate doubt about the necessary health and safety regimes is not only irresponsible, but very dangerous. The Malta Chamber condemns any such behaviour. We cannot afford to lose control of the situation, based on pseudo-science or misinformation.  The Malta Chamber is aware of international moves that risk the pandemic being taken over by an infodemic driven by extreme non-scientific minorities.  Malta should be strong and resilient against such attempts.

The resilience and sustainability of our business is intimately linked with a disciplined and science-based approach to the pandemic. The quicker we get to a solution, the quicker the business community can start to look beyond the recovery sustainably and into the re-investment phase.

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