Lift off restriction on leisure travelling to Gozo

Last Updated on Friday, 23 April, 2021 at 10:18 am by Andre Camilleri

The tourism sector on Gozo is keenly awaiting the day when the island starts receiving the first foreign arrivals in its accommodation. It is hoped that the targeted date of 1st June, 2021 for the reopening for foreign tourists will be the beginning of a slow but steady start in the recovery road of this important industry.

However, whilst looking forward for the aforementioned date the Gozitan tourism sector is still being deprived of receiving the domestic visitors due to the inter-island leisure travel restriction measure announced by the Health Authorities in mid-March.

The Gozo Tourism Association fully understands that such measures are taken by the Health Authorities with great attention and responsibility, based also on scientific evidence. This always with the primary aim to control the spread of the covid-19 virus.

Therefore, in line with the current easing off several restrictive measures,  the Gozo Tourism Association is urging the Government and the Health Authorities to lift off the restriction on leisure travelling to Gozo, or at least announce a date when domestic visitors can cross over to Gozo for their holiday breaks.

Such a date,  will definitely be a relief to all tourism operators,  but especially those in the accommodation sector, in order to start confirming booking requests for the coming weeks. A target date  will also assist all tourism operators to make the necessary preparations and arrangements to kick start their respective establishments operation.

Finally, the Gozo Tourism Association understands that the vaccination programme in Gozo is going at a steady pace and presently even residents in the 40 years cohort are being vaccinated. The Association is in the meantime appealing to the Health Authorities to take the necessary measures to vaccinate the remaining Gozo residents who are employed in the island’s tourism sector.  Having all the tourism front liners vaccinated will relay the message, that Gozo is a safe holiday destination, thus building travellers confidence in the island, whilst securing the well being of both the visitor and service provider.

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