Liquigas Malta appoints Luciano Garbini as Managing Director

Liquigas Malta Chairman Louis A Farrugia (second from left) with Luciano Garbini in the presence of GASCO Energy CEO Paul Agius Delicata (first from left) and Roberto Capelluto

Last Updated on Thursday, 23 July, 2020 at 8:39 am by Andre Camilleri

Luciano Garbini is the new Managing Director at Liquigas Malta Ltd, a leading company in liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) importation, storage and distribution in the Maltese market. As from July  2020, Mr Garbini succeeds the retiring CEO Mr Roberto Capelluto. Mr Louis A Farrugia, the company’s Chairman, welcomed Mr Garbini and thanked Mr Capelluto for his sterling work over the past 14 years.

In his career with Liquigas Italia, Mr Capelluto undertook various functions including those of M&A Manager, Chief Financial Officer, Deputy General Manager, and Vice President of the Board of Directors. Between 2006 and 2008, he was directly involved in the bidding for the international tender issued by the Maltese Government’s privatisation of the LPG sector which included the building of a new facility, the dismantling of the Qajjenza old gas plant, and the take-over of the LPG distribution both in cylinders and in bulk by Gasco Consortium, composed of Liquigas Italy S.p.a. and Multigas Ltd. The tender was won in 2008 and Mr Capelluto became CEO of Liquigas Malta.

During the past 14 years, he created the company’s structure and introduced new applications such as Autogas, metered networks, composite cylinders, and alternative distribution models, including fixed points and direct deliveries.Throughout his tenure, a sound relationship was built with all the authorities while constructive collaboration led to making this product safe and friendly to end users.

Mr Capelluto described his years as Liquigas Malta CEO as “among the best of my working life experience, as the main positive factor in this experience has been as usual the human one. While the chairman and board of directors set a very clear vision with sound governance and high standards, we found very loyal and highly capable employees to implement the philosophy.”

Company’s chairman Mr Farrugia said: “Mr Capelluto has developed a talented team that is building a strong legacy for this relatively young but dynamic company to achieve sustainable growth in a sector that, for tens of years, lacked investment and modernisation. He has endeavoured to build a good corporate culture that, in a short number of years, has generated trust and support from customers, employees and stakeholders for Liquigas Malta. Mr Garbini is also highly experienced in the LPG sector and has capably led several projects with Liquigas S.p.a. His experience has helped Liquigas Malta to overcome new challenges when embarking on new initiatives.”

Since 1987, Mr Garbini has gained extensive experience in the LPG distribution and sales industry while carrying out important management positions both in various Italian regions and at Liquigas S.p.a. headquarters in Milan. In 2008, Mr Garbini assumed the position of technical and supply director of Liquigas S.p.a. while four years later, he was appointed operations director with responsibility for logistics, industrial production, product procurement and distribution.

Regarding the Maltese experience, Mr Garbini had actively participated from the initial stages in the development of GASCO Energy bottling plant in Bengħajsa, and since 2015 he has been part of the board of directors of Liquigas Malta Ltd. through which he got to know the particularities of the Maltese market.

Luciano Garbini said: “I believe that Liquigas Malta will continue through commitment and competence to guarantee a safe, efficient and sustainable energy supply. On my part, I appreciate the trust that the shareholders have placed in me and thank the whole team for the warm welcome I have received in Malta.”

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