Malta Bus Reborn concept to turn traditional buses into electric drives

(source: Pixabay/Darryl Grima)

Last Updated on Tuesday, 15 October, 2019 at 3:06 pm by Christian Keszthelyi

The Malta Bus Reborn concept aims to refurbish Malta’s traditional buses with electric engines to support a more sustainable public transport in the island nation. The concept designed by architect Jonathan Mizzi from Mizzi Studio was launched by Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg at Triton Square on 11 October, according to a press statement by the government’s Department of Information (DOI).

The minister expressed the government’s intention to further support micromobility in order to keep up with the most recent progress of transport. The Maltese public transport — that comprises buses in the island nation — serves 150,000 passengers per day, the minister said.

“It is a concept that brings together something very nostalgic for us Maltese and something we are looking at for our future — sustainability, alternative means, electromobility. I commend architect Mizzi and his team for this impeccable design joining culture and progress and I hope that in the future this design can be tangibly realised,” Mr Borg said about the project.

“We look forward to more progress in this sector for a service that is always better and always more sustainable while reiterating our commitment as a Government towards more investment and incentives so that more and more people consider public transport as their preferred means of transport,” he added.

The number of passengers using public transport services reached a record 53.5m in 2018, almost twice the passenger numbers using the service in 2011. Therefore, the minister said it is essential to look toward further solutions while working with the concept of sustainability, offering cleaner buses for cleaner air.

Mr Borg also said that the government is working on investments in new bus shelters around the country. Additionally, 40 new buses were added to Malta’s public transport fleet of 400 in August.

As an encouragement for the residents of Malta to use public transport more — quite a challenge as the island nation is heavily reliant on private cars — the minister said the government is committed to incentivising further public transport usage. He reminded that passengers aged 14-20, as well as all full-time students, can use public transport for free.

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