Malta Chamber Tourism Business Section welcomes Ministry’s long-term strategy

Last Updated on Tuesday, 26 January, 2021 at 8:32 pm by Andre Camilleri

During the last year, the Malta Chamber’s Tourism Business Section executive committee met with the Minister for Tourism and Consumer Protection and representatives within the Ministry and MTA and presented the recommendations laid out in our Tourism Think Tank Report which amongst others focused on Airline Route Regeneration and Development, Tourists’ Quality Experience, and a National and Holistic Tourism Strategy.

The Malta Chamber is pleased to note that the Ministry has welcomed the recommendations by the Chamber through the launch, by the Ministry of Tourism and Consumer Protection and the Malta Tourism Authority titled, Malta Tourism Strategy 2021 – 2030 Recover, Rethink & Revitalise.

The Strategy aligns with the wider beliefs of The Malta Chamber that do not just include sustainability and a quality experience, but also prioritises the importance of integrating The EU Green Deal and the EU Digital Strategy.

The Business Section Deputy Chairperson, Alan Arrigo, commented positively on the direction taken by the Authorities and said that, “The stakeholder consultation is key in ensuring that the tourism strategy in Malta becomes sustainable and focuses on long-term goals. This Strategy document gave the broad stroke foundations on what is required and provides our visitors with an authentic, quality experience in Malta and Gozo.”

Arrigo continued, “As a Committee, we look forward to have a discussion and an in-depth look into the strategy document so that we can consult the Authorities further by providing them a vision that is reflective with the thoughts of the business community.”

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