Malta Enterprise and Kings College sign pioneering agreement during Start Up Festival

Last Updated on Wednesday, 24 January, 2024 at 9:58 am by Andre Camilleri

Malta Enterprise and Kings College have come together in a significant collaboration aimed at enhancing the startup ecosystem, with a collaboration dedicated to founders’ mental health and wellbeing. The agreement, formally signed during the Start Up Festival 2023, underscores Malta’s commitment to fostering a holistic approach to startup development, acknowledging the importance of founders’ mental health and overall well-being.

Malta Enterprise alongside Kings College and Founders Taboo, an initiative backed by a study done by Ute Stephan, are on a mission to increase Awareness, Access, and Affordability of support for founders’ mental health. This research has been essential for disrupting the startup ecosystem’s view on mental health in founders.

“There is broad evidence that you can be a better entrepreneur — be more productive, creative, and ultimately your businesses will perform better — if you look after your wellbeing.” Explained Ute Stephan.

CEO of Malta Enterprise Kurt Farrugia explained that “The success of the business is important, but we prioritise the wellbeing of the person behind the entrepreneur above all else. This is the cornerstone of the startup environment we want to nurture. The collaboration with Kings College and Founders Taboo emphasises mental health of entrepreneurs, creating a culture in which founders can thrive on both a personal and professional level.”

Stephan’s research suggests that while stress is hard for entrepreneurs to avoid, it does not need to cause ill health or affect their performance. Getting more than seven hours’ sleep and a balanced diet are key. The more difficult part is identifying when you are starting to burn out.

As part of their endeavour, Founders Taboo are creating the world’s largest online course and community on this vital topic, seeking to empower founders to maintain mental health and become more balanced and effective leaders within the startup landscape.

Malta Enterprise recognizes the critical role that mental well-being plays in entrepreneurial success. This partnership is a testament to the agency’s dedication to creating an ecosystem where founders can thrive, personally and professionally.

The collaboration between Malta Enterprise and Founders Taboo signifies a forward-looking approach, ensuring that the startup ecosystem remains vibrant and supportive, addressing the unique challenges faced by founders.

This partnership heralds a new chapter in the startup landscape, with both entities committed to providing founders with the tools and resources to flourish and lead healthier, more balanced lives. As a result, Malta is poised to become an even more attractive destination for aspiring entrepreneurs and startups.

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