Malta Enterprise and the Malta Trust Foundation sign MoU to tackle the Digital Divide

Last Updated on Tuesday, 19 July, 2022 at 2:50 pm by Andre Camilleri

Malta Enterprise donates €15,000 prize money from the National Support Business award

The Malta Trust Foundation and Malta Enterprise signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on a project by the Foundation, tackling the Digital Divide among children and youth in Malta.

Through its network of companies, Malta Enterprise will assist the project “Your Device, Your right!” specifically aimed at providing used devices to children and young people who do not have a device for educational purposes. This project is also contributing to the reduction of e-waste.

The MoU was signed by the CEO of Malta Enterprise Kurt Farrugia and the Founder and Chair of The Malta Trust Foundation Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, in the presence of Minister for Enterprise Miriam Dalli and Malta Enterprise Chairman William Wait.

Malta Enterprise has also presented a €15,000 donation to the Malta Trust Foundation, which is the prize that the Corporation received as the winner of the National Supporting Business Award for StartinMalta initiative.

Minister for Enterprise Miriam Dalli remarked that ‘the success of the StartinMalta initiative is being felt and the recognition through the National Supporting Business Awards clearly shows the lead of Malta Enterprise when it comes to startups and the consolidation of their ecosystem. Having collaborations such as this one is commendable as we find common goals which go beyond our main scope and contribute towards a more sustainable society.’

The CEO of Malta Enterprise Kurt Farrugia said that the objectives of this project addressing the digital divide among children is very important because our aim as Malta’s economic development agency is not only to ensure that businesses operate in Malta efficiently but also to see that our children are prepared for the jobs we are creating through foreign and local investment. Additionally, the benefit of re-using e-waste would have ended in our waste stream. Environmental sustainability is critical for the future of our islands, but also for our businesses.

The Founder and Chair of The Malta Trust Foundation Marie Louise Coleiro Preca welcomed this collaboration and said that ‘this collaboration portrays the role of government agencies which go beyond their daily operations and address other objectives, which although are out of their remit, may impact them just the same. We find these common objectives through these projects and address them together.’

Coleiro Preca and Minister for Enterprise Miriam Dalli have also visited the exhibition at Malta Enterprise ‘Humanity at war…Reflections’. This exhibition brings out the harsh realities of war on humanity through the photographic work of Darrin Zammit Lupi and Heidi Levine, and is open to the public till 23rd July. Some of the pieces are on sale, and proceeds will go to two major causes; the Ukrainian community in Malta and the building of the secondary school in Ethiopia in memory of Rebecca Zammit Lupi.

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