Malta Interior Design Association announces changes to board members

Last Updated on Friday, 16 February, 2024 at 9:32 am by Andre Camilleri

The Malta Interior Design Association (MIDA) announced the appointment of Robert Farrugia as its new president and Martina Salomone as vice-president. Both were unanimously voted in during the annual general meeting held on 12 January at the Valletta Design Cluster, where Farrugia and Salomone received overwhelming support from the board and MIDA members. They are joined on the board together with Maria Mercieca as Treasurer and Mohammed Alahmad Arabi as board member. Outgoing board member Beatrice Migneco was thanked for her valued contribution to managing MIDA’s social media platforms.

In tandem with this announcement, the association expresses deep gratitude to founder and former president Davina Preca for her outstanding contribution and leadership. Davina Preca continues to sit on the MIDA board within the role of former president for a further year. Last September she was elected as board member of the European Council of Interior Architects (ECIA).

During the transition, Robert Farrugia acknowledged the significant strides made under the guidance of the former President. Their tireless dedication and strategic vision have played a pivotal role in positioning MIDA as a prominent and recognizableforce both within the interior design community in Malta and within Europe. Robert Farrugia extends heartfelt appreciation for the groundwork laid by their predecessor, recognizing the importance of continuity and evolution within the association.

Robert Farrugia, a seasoned interior designer with a 20-year track record in the industry both locally and internationally, assumes the role of President with a commitment to building on the successes of the past and propelling MIDA into a future marked by innovation and growth.

In his nomination letter, Robert Farrugia shared a compelling vision for MIDA, emphasizing community engagement, knowledge-sharing, and the cultivation of strategic partnerships. MIDA is poised to pursue a multifaceted approach to achieve its objectives. First and foremost, MIDA is committed to raising the standard of ethics within the interior design industry, ensuring transparency and integrity by actively discouraging practices such as back-handed commissions. Additionally, MIDA aims to enhance the public perception of interior design by showcasing its value, creativity, and positive impact on individuals and communities. To further solidify the profession’s standing, MIDA will actively engage with government and educational bodies to advocate for greater recognition and integration of interior design principles into policies and curricula. Through these strategic initiatives, MIDA seeks to elevate the profession, foster trust among stakeholders, and pave the way for a thriving and respected interior design community in Malta.

MIDA remains committed to advancing industry standards, and the board is dedicated to ensuring that the association continues to be a hub for creativity, professional development, and excellence in interior design.

The board members and the entire MIDA community are enthusiastic about the fresh perspectives and energy that Robert Farrugia can bring to the organization.

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