Malta’s LPG supply secured for months, Abela says; ‘there is no supply problem in our country’

Last Updated on Wednesday, 9 March, 2022 at 12:38 pm by Andre Camilleri

Prime Minister Robert Abela has clarified that there is no LPG supply problem in Malta.

Speaking to the press on Wednesday, he said that while there is an importer that has supply difficulties, Malta has a liberalised market for LPG and bulk LPG.

“Malta has security of supply guaranteed for months. Malta is also guaranteeing price stability not only for gas, but also electricity, petrol and diesel.”

“We are a government that protects the people in the most difficult moments. This was the regulatory principle that we followed during the Covid-19 pandemic and we will keep following this principle until the tensions between Russia and Ukraine persist. It is a principle we believe in. There is absolutely no supply problems in our country.”

Liquigas in a statement on Tuesday evening said that they had secured the supplies required to meet Malta’s demand for the foreseeable future.

“Following news reports earlier today regarding the potential impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on the supply of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Liquigas Malta Limited has confirmed with the relevant authorities that it has secured supplies of LPG required to meet demand in Malta for the foreseeable future. This was achieved thanks to the support SHV Energy, a Dutch company shareholder of Liquigas Malta, and which is a global leader in the distribution of LPG across more than 25 countries worldwide,” the company said.

In the last budget, the government allocated around €200 million to act as a cushion for energy prices. That projection was before the Ukraine situation. Asked about this, he said “We will keep giving the needed support to keep prices stable,” he said. “I am saying this not only for the energy and fuel sectors, but for all other sectors.”

He said that the government gave targeted aid to farmers and will also give support to those who raise chickens. “Wherever assistance is needed, we will provide that assistance to continue protecting our people, and at this moment of strong economic recovery, we will keep sustaining our economic recovery as this is how we can continue to grow our economy.”

The strong economy resulted in a full war chest in the past, he said. “A vibrant economy can refill the war chest.

Asked whether because of this, he needs to temper the electoral promises, Abela said that all the proposals are costed and sustainable.

Pressed and asked to provide the amount the government has put aside now to deal with the fallout of the Ukrainian invasion, he said that the support being given to keep energy, fuel and gas prices stable are what will be needed at that moment.

He was asked about Malta’s support to the Ukrainian people. 26 Ukrainians asked for refugee status, he said.

He said he also started talking to Puttinu Cares to assist young Ukrainian children who have oncology related illnesses. “We will assist patients who have oncology related illnesses to receive care in Malta.”

He also said that the government sent medical support to Ukraine. “We are helping in every possible way within our limitations. The principle of solidarity with the Ukrainian people will not be limited.”

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