Malta’s Marketing Kingdom tunes in for 2nd edition in 2020

(source: Unsplash/Campaign Creators)

Malta’s second edition of Marketing Kingdom conference promises to bring the best minds of Google, Philips, Visit Britain, Diageo and the Pop-Up Agency to the island nation to discuss the most recent marketing and social media trends on 6 March in 2020, according to a press statement sent to Business Malta.

The one-day gathering of Europe’s creative minds kicks off with an interactive workshop on solving marketing problems in 48 hours with Maks and Abraham from the Pop-up Agency in London. The two professionals have worked with clients such as Facebook, Coca Cola, KLM, Adidas and T-Mobile, developing a creative process that enables marketers to go from problem to solution in only two days.

Organisers say that marketing professionals attending the event will also have the opportunity to hear Flipboard’s Joshua Partridge discuss the latest trends in content marketing, Philips’ Leo Piumi talk about creating content based on data, Serpentine Galleries’ Jesse Ringham mention the power of content and brand narrative, and Google’s Anna Potanina elaborate on succeeding on mobile.

Over 200 marketing professionals attended the first edition of the Marketing Kingdom Malta in March 2019, organisers say.

The event is organised by P World, an international creative agency behind more than 50 annual events in 40 countries around the world. In Malta, the event is supported by marketing communications agency BPC as the communications partner.

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