MAPFRE Malta contribute towards World Blood Donor Day 2020

Last Updated on Monday, 15 June, 2020 at 1:48 pm by Andre Camilleri

This month, several employees from MAPFRE Malta, which is comprised of MAPFRE Middlesea and MAPFRE MSV Life, will be celebrating World Blood Donor Day by donating blood towards the National Blood Transfusion Unit (NBTU). MAPFRE Malta recognise the universal need for safe blood, which time after time has played a critical role in both treatments and urgent interventions. Thus, the company will do their part in helping ensure that a safe and sustainable blood supply is readily available for those who need it.

In reality, the ability to ensure that there is an adequate supply of safe blood is solely determined by the regular donations made by voluntary blood donors. Notwithstanding this, the NBTU in St. Luke’s Hospital strive to generate public awareness on the matter and ensure that there is a sustainable provision of safe blood supply in the Maltese Islands. For this reason, MAPFRE Malta are proud to do their part in this worldwide campaign in order to further raise awareness and help ensure that a safe blood supply is readily available for those who need it.

The President and CEO of MAPFRE Middlesea, Felipe Navarro, who also participated in the initiative, said, “As a company we recognise the importance of blood donations. These blood donations continue to have a significant impact on many, and often the time, it can be a lifesaving action. In light of this, I would like to extend my thanks to all other entities and individuals that continue to raise awareness and contribute towards this campaign.”

MAPFRE Malta is also giving some mugs to the NBTU so they can give it to the donors as a token of appreciation for their blood donation.

This campaign will continue to form part of MAPFRE Malta’s corporate volunteering initiatives, which are implemented through Fundación MAPFRE’s Volunteers Program. For more information on how to donate, you may visit

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