MCAST – A 20 year legacy in education

Last Updated on Tuesday, 20 April, 2021 at 2:23 pm by Andre Camilleri

“The government is always looking to address the needs of every student so that everyone has the opportunity to advance in their educational journey and career choice. This is exactly what MCAST is doing with the wide range of courses that are relevant to the world of work.”

Minister for Education Justyne Caruana stated this when, together with the Principal and Chief Executive of MCAST Professor James Joachim Calleja, took part in the launch of the MCAST 2021 courses prospectus, as well as the rebranding of this educational institution on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the college.

Minister Caruana said that the government will continue to offer all the necessary support so that the vocational and professional sector remains a central one in the preparation of our students and future workers. “We are looking forward to seeing this institution as a protagonist in the post-COVID strategy, because it is an important partner for the achievement of the educational, social and economic goals of our country,” she continued

In the last two decades, about 40,000 students passed through and continued their studies at MCAST, while the college currently has 6,293 full-time students. This is a success story, a story of a college that responded to the needs of the country’s economy and society in a timely manner, embracing inclusivity while opening its doors to all students so that they may reach their potential.

This year, MCAST is offering about 190 full-time courses in different levels and areas of study and six new courses: Advanced Diploma in Graphic Printing; Advanced Diploma in Hairdressing; Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering; Master in Artificial Intelligence for Industry 4.0; Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Sustainable Technology; and Master in Retail.

Apart from these, part-time courses have also been increased. The prospectus will be distributed to schools and local government offices and can also be downloaded from

Principal and Chief Executive of MCAST Professor James Joachim Calleja spoke about the college’s anniversary and said that, “This occasion, the twentieth anniversary of the college, is an opportunity to look back at the work and the legacy over the years, reflecting on the present and looking forward. With today’s prospectus, we are also launching the new emblem and rebranding.”

He explained that the symbols in the new emblem refer to the main pillars on which the college is built – creative work, with an international and innovative vision. The words in Latin ‘Scientia et Labore’, which are also found in the original emblem engraved on the MCAST building, mean ‘Through Knowledge and Work’.

The central point of the new image is the hand that is holding the tool that represents the practical and creative aspect of vocational learning.

The ceremony was also addressed by Professor Ian Refalo, President of MCAST, who explained how MCAST is growing, diversifying and changing over time without forgetting its vocational and professional goals. He said that, while the economy is facing global challenges in these times of pandemic, MCAST is launching this prospectus to sustain the skills to help the economic recovery.

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