MDA will ‘no longer tolerate amateurism, incompetent people’ who harm industry’s reputation

Last Updated on Wednesday, 2 August, 2023 at 1:45 pm by Andre Camilleri

The Malta Developers Association (MDA) will no longer tolerate amateurism, it said in a statement.

“After a few days since the magisterial inquiry into the death of Jean Paul Sofia was published, the MDA cautions the government and authorities concerned that it will no longer tolerate amateurism and incompetent people who continue harming the reputation of an entire industry, causing widespread public frustration and justified anger in our country.”

“For years, the MDA has been striving to bring in proper training, professionalism and a serious licensing regimen, not only for developers and contractors, but also for tile layers, installers of apertures and all kinds of operators working in this field. These should also be recognized by the state and all the amateurs who don’t want to update their work practices for today’s times should be cut off once and for all,” the MDA added.

The MDA said that it vets all membership applications diligently and does not accept everyone and anyone, especially those who claim to ‘be a developer’ overnight. “Absolute priority is given to all those of goodwill to see this industry meet all the necessary challenges to reduce both the danger and the inconvenience to people who have every right to live a tranquil life.”

“Rather than a lot of paperwork that one has to complete to start a project, we need to see who is behind each project and that such contractors have all the competent people required to be on site. This has to be done even if we are aware that the amount of development that is currently being made may decrease.”

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