MeDirect Bank Malta helps clients consolidate their portfolios

Through a new drive to assist prospective savers, MeDirect Bank can provide solutions for the consolidation of one’s finances, and the benefits are attractive and numerous.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 13 July, 2021 at 8:57 am by Andre Camilleri

MeDirect Bank Malta is helping clients consolidate their portfolio of investments into one convenient and efficient place, to save them time and money. Through a new promotion, MeDirect Bank is now also rewarding clients transferring their assets onto the Bank’s online platform.

“A diversified investment portfolio is important. Having investments in different asset classes, sectors and industries helps manage risk in a better way. There are times when one may consider other options but, more often than not, consolidation can save time and money and at MeDirect Bank we are dedicated to find the best solutions to our clients,” said Adrian Vella, Head – Investment Network.

MeDirect Bank is offering clients the opportunity to consolidate their finances rather than having their assets spread with different providers. The consolidation of finances gives investors a better overview of their complete financial portfolio, rather than having to go through apps or websites of various financial services providers to stay abreast of one’s financial matters. In addition, such a scattered approach makes it all the more difficult to understand one’s overall financial performance and target-oriented goals.

Adrian Vella added: “Consolidation would also mean having one universal financial advisor. Having assets spread over a number of institutions will usually mean dealing with different financial advisors and different communication channels, which can easily become time-consuming and cumbersome. Besides, this will also allow a single financial advisor to better understand and efficiently guide the client’s portfolio of investments.”

Consolidating finances with MeDirect Bank also allows investors to trade anywhere, anytime using the convenient online platform. Having a better overview and understanding of investments allows for better assessment of finances.

When consolidating finances with MeDirect Bank, the bank’s low banking and investment fees enable clients to save money when trading and executing transactions, allowing them to retain a higher share of the returns made of their investments.

MeDirect is not short of diversification and offers a selection of investment products, including funds, ETFs, shares, bonds, and model portfolios, which are baskets of investment funds aimed at diversifying investment risk and achieving better returns. Investors can start investing for as low as Eur100.

Moreover, MeDirect is offering clients who choose to consolidate their portfolios a bonus of Eur300 as well as a reimbursement for any third-party transfer-out fees of up to 0.5% of the total value of the securities moved.

Customers interested in taking advantage of this promotion can open an account with MeDirect and submit a transfer request together with a statement of holdings showing their investment portfolio. MeDirect will then handle the rest and contact the existing investment custodian to arrange the transfer. For more information about the promotion including the terms and conditions can be accessed through this link:

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