More than 2,800 families are on the rent benefits – Minister Roderick Galdes

Last Updated on Saturday, 22 April, 2023 at 9:12 am by Andre Camilleri

More than 2,800 families are on the rent benefits , which was introduced in 2019 and which will now be strengthened to ensure affordability in the property market, announced Social and Affordable Accommodation Minister Roderick Galdes.

Addressing a press conference Friday, Galdes also announced that the Ministry has completed 86% of the measures of the 2023 Budget.

Galdes added that besides the measures, a lot of work is being carried out on a number of social housing projects.

He described the rent benefits as being “comprehensive, flexible and effective.”

“Comprehensive because this is a measure that goes hand in hand with the residential rent reform, where every rental contract has the legal obligation to be registered. Flexible because we have given assurance that this benefit will be one that evolves according to the current realities of the market and effective because it continues to establish the rental market as an adequate accommodation alternative,” he said.

He said that the ultimate goal of this benefit was so that regardless of how much the market changes, no one pays more than they can afford. He added that the Ministry does not want to see any families struggling, therefore, these measures will ensure that a family can move forward.

The rent benefits which increased on 1 January 2023, means that a couple with two or more children who have an income of €13,500 with an annual rent of €9,600, will receive a maximum of €5,000 a year or €416 per month.

CEO of Housing Authority Matthew Zerafa said that the implementation of this measure is another step to improve the quality of the rental sector.

The Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Mark Musu said that out of 7 measures announced in the 2023 Budget, 6 measures have already been carried out. He said that the seventh and last measure of the Budget will be carried out by next July.

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