New amendment will see landlords able to house two tenants per bedroom

Last Updated on Wednesday, 20 March, 2024 at 12:22 pm by Andre Camilleri

An amendment to rental laws will enable tenants to accommodate two tenants per bedroom in a rental unit, up to a maximum of 10 tenants in a five-bedroom apartment.

This was announced by Housing Minister Roderick Galdes in a Facebook post, in which he said that tenants will be limited to two registered tenants per bedroom.

Landlords will be able to register between 8-10 tenants in residences with four or five bedrooms, as long as there is a minimum of two bathrooms in the unit.

Last December 2023, the government had said it would restrict landlords to six tenants, without taking into consideration rental units with a higher number of bedrooms.

“During discussions on the rental law amendments, the government will propose that the amount of people allowed to share a bedroom will not exceed two tenants in cases of shared rentals,” the minister said.

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