Presidential call to action

Last Updated on Thursday, 17 December, 2020 at 9:54 am by Andre Camilleri

Dr George Vella: President of Malta

The mission of the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation is to provide financial, material and professional support to vulnerable members of our society in order to improve their quality of life.

Adults and children turn to the MCCFF for support in the funding of oncology treatment, parental stays of children receiving treatment abroad, provision of food vouchers and other services vital to dignified living, and to alleviate material and psychological burdens. This support is exclusively dependent on donations.

This has been a tough year for most of us, not least the business community, which I know was very hard hit by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation has also been dealt a blow as several funding occasions were cancelled or drastically toned-down. These developments led us to think outside the box and come up with innovative methods through which the general public and the business community could make their contributions, as modest as they might be.

In this regard, I launched the Employee Contribution Scheme which is based on a purely voluntary basis, but which will be a great contribution to our mission. This initiative involves the participation of employees, who would, also on a voluntary basis, agree to offer a small donation to the MCCFF to be deducted from their monthly salary.

The amount to be donated will be at the discretion of the employee and all amounts, however small, are welcome.

In a further effort to help with the collection of funds for the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation, a crowdfunding platform has been set up at and funds may be donated online by means of a credit card. The initiative is a joint effort between the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation, the Ministry for the Economy and Industry and Malta Government Investments.

I am very much aware that some entrepreneurs who would have been at the forefront with their generous donations, are going through a tough time themselves and can this time round only afford smaller contributions.

In this light, through this project, we aim to raise small amounts of money from a wider spectrum of our society.

This campaign will run until 31 December with a sum collected to date on 26 December being presented during the live transmission of L-Istrina.

I thank you on behalf of those benefitting of your generosity, for your support and kindness.  I wish you and your families a healthy and Blessed Christmas.

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