Price of whole milk, other dairy products to rise again from 22 December

Last Updated on Thursday, 14 December, 2023 at 11:31 am by Andre Camilleri

Malta Dairy Products Ltd. announced Thursday that, effective Friday 22 December, 2023, there will be an adjustment in the prices of its fresh milk products to “reflect the current significant increases in production and operational costs”.

This is the second time that the price of milk products is increasing this year. Last June, MDP had increased the price of its products for the same reasons.

But, whereas the price increase in June had been minimal, this time the price has gone up by sharper proportions – by 15c for one litre cartons of whole milk, milk 2.5% fat, skimmed milk and lactose free milk.

Over the past five years, Malta Dairy Products said it has been dedicated to maintaining stable prices for its fresh milk products despite facing escalating costs in supplies, raw materials, and services. This commitment was made amidst challenges posed by economic fluctuations, as the company absorbed mounting expenses to prevent their direct impact on the selling price.

However, despite implementing various cost-saving measures, such as streamlining operations and optimising production processes, the significant increase in input costs has not been fully offset. The sustained rise in production and operational costs has reached an unsustainable point for the company’s operations. After careful consideration, Malta Dairy Products finds it imperative to adjust prices accordingly to ensure the Company’s sustainability while securing a favourable future for local farmers and its workers.

A company spokeperson said: “While it’s never an easy decision to adjust prices, it has become essential for us to maintain competitiveness and sustain the quality standards that our customers have come to expect. We sincerely appreciate the understanding and continued loyalty of our customers during this transition. Their support has been invaluable as we navigate these tough challenges.”

The adjustment in prices of fresh milk will be as follows:

ProductCurrentRecommended Consumer PriceNewRecommendedConsumer Price*
Whole Milk 1L€1.00€1.15
Milk 2.5% fat 1L€1.00€1.15
Skimmed Milk 1L€1.00€1.15
Lactose Free Milk 1L€1.25€1.40
Milk 2.5% fat ½ L€0.58€0.66
Skimmed Milk ½ L€0.58€0.66
Lactose Free Milk ½ L€0.70€0.77

* Malta Dairy Products Ltd. recommends a consumer price for all its products. It is up to every retail outlet to decide on the selling price of its products.

Malta Dairy Products remains committed to providing high-quality, locally sourced, and pasteurized milk products that meet stringent quality standards. The forthcoming price adjustment will enable the Company to continue delivering on this commitment while ensuring the viability of its operations.

Further information can be found on Malta Dairy Products website’s Frequently Asked Questions section or by contacting Customer Care Team at +356 2122 4472.

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