Prime Minister says increase in activity at Malta Stock Exchange reflects strength of the economy

Last Updated on Friday, 9 February, 2024 at 10:11 pm by Andre Camilleri

Increased activity on the Malta Stock Exchange, which involves more than 110 different companies listed and around 300 different financial instruments traded on its markets, is another sign of the strength of the Maltese economy, the Office of the Prime Minister said on Friday.

During a visit to the Malta Stock Exchange, Prime Minister Robert Abela noted that over the past few years, companies listed with this institution and the various financial instruments traded on its markets have grown by almost double.

In just the last three years, over 20 new companies have been admitted to the lists of the Malta Stock Exchange. This happened at a time when, due to global compliance, Malta faced challenges that had an impact on international economies, the office said in a statement.

During this visit, the Prime Minister emphasised how the Malta Stock Exchange should serve as a catalyst to continue attracting investment to our country and create wealth, which can then be redistributed to help more people. Overall, this is also crucial for the economic transition.

“The financial services sector is a catalyst for these investments linked to the green and digital heart that is emerging to continue offering a better quality of life for families,” Abela said. He added that the regulatory framework that our country has in various sectors, including iGaming and Malta’s open economy for business, plays a crucial role for the Malta Stock Exchange.

Reports from international experts, including those from the International Monetary Fund, speak of impressive recovery and how the national economy is expected to outperform that of the Eurozone. All these indicators show a robust economy and fiscal stability, especially at a time when support for people continues to strengthen and is given to everyone, the statement continued.

Therefore, the Prime Minister said that our country needs to continue attracting quality investment based on the country’s priorities, including environmental ones.

The Prime Minister emphasised that these results continue to demonstrate how crucial the decisions taken by the Government in recent months have been to ensure that companies and businesses remain strong and that economic stability is maintained in our country.

During the visit, where he met with the leadership of the Malta Stock Exchange and its employees, the Prime Minister was accompanied by the Minister for Finance and Employment, Clyde Caruana.

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