PS Azzopardi Tanti one of the main speakers at the World Government Summit in Dubai

Last Updated on Saturday, 18 February, 2023 at 10:16 pm by Andre Camilleri

The World Government Summit in Dubai came to an end after several meetings and discussions among distinguished representatives of countries from around the world. The Summit’s programme was spread over three days and brought together several politicians and well-known personalities from around the world to discuss the progress and future of countries, particularly in research and innovation.

The Parliamentary Secretary responsible for research and innovation, Keith Azzopardi Tanti, participated in a panel discussion on how countries are looking at research and innovation, and thus explained the Maltese government’s work being carried out in these sectors.

He explained that although Malta is a very small island and thus has limited resources, he stressed that research and innovation are important for the country’s economic growth. “We started by identifying sectors in which we want to emphasise more on research and innovation, so that these lead towards society having a better quality of life,”stated Parliamentary Secretary Azzopardi Tanti. He praised the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for what they have achieved in recent years and claimed that they are a model worth following for many, including Malta.

“This Summit gives an opportunity for further collaboration between different countries. Malta is open to more dialogue with other countries that will lead to joint agreements for further collaboration, with a particular focus on research and innovation,” concluded the Parliamentary Secretary.

During his visit in Dubai, Parliamentary Secretary Azzopardi Tanti met several Ministers including UAE’s Minister of Artificial Intelligence Omar Sultan Al Olama, and met several government and private entities, including the MBR Space Centre, the UAE Space Agency, Dubai Future Foundation and Technology Innovation Institute.

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