PS Clayton Bartolo addresses the “whyigaming” online initiative

    Clayton Bartolo

    Last Updated on Tuesday, 15 September, 2020 at 8:56 am by Andre Camilleri

    Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services and Digital Economy Clayton Bartolo addressed the launch of “WhyiGaming” a website through which iGEN, the iGaming European Network is set to promote careers in the iGaming sector in Malta. The initiative is driven by iGEN’s 22 member companies, and has the support and collaboration of GamingMalta. 

    In his keynote speech, Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services and Digital Economy Clayton Bartolo remarked that human capital is a key component to build-up a successful workforce in the iGaming industry. He added that the ‘Why iGaming Initiative’ will be another important measure complementing the Government’s mission of creating a Digital Malta in the years to come.

    The Parliamentary Secretary expressed his satisfaction at the way will open the door of opportunities to Maltese residents who are interested in pursuing a carrer in the igaming sector. “Having a website containing over 250 open jobs from 23 different companies operating in Malta is truly encouraging to increase our workforce in this industry. I am truly happy that this website is still a works in progress as this will be built out to include more job posts, information for foreign national seeking work in Malta and career-related industry news,” continued Parliamentary Secretary Clayton Bartolo. 

    Enrico Bradamante, founder and chairman of iGEN said that Malta continues to be an extremely important hub for iGaming. “Our vision is to provide a way for the biggest and most established iGaming companies to connect with the local community and talent, in particular providing a resource to individuals who are interested in working in the sector,” remarked Mr. Bradamente. 

    In his concluding remarks he mentioned that professionals can use the website to find out about iGEN members, search for open roles and hear the truth about what it is like to work in the industry from a number of Maltese and foreign employees who work locally. This is not only in order to help fill current roles such as entry level roles, customer support, finance roles and other management and executives roles, but also future opportunities as the site will be constantly updated.

    Ivan Filletti, GamingMalta’s Chief Operations Officer said this portal is in sync with the mission to position Malta as the home of gaming excellence. A home where talent succeeds and thrives. An industry and iGaming ecosystem which promotes equality and diversity in their working culture. “Why iGaming” will serve as a real time showcase for the industry and the exciting opportunities which it offers.

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