Residency Malta promotes its initiatives in Dubai

Charles Mizzi, CEO Residency Malta Agency

Last Updated on Saturday, 6 November, 2021 at 4:54 pm by Andre Camilleri

Start-up Residence Programme near completion

A delegation led by Residency Malta and accompanied by the Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship and Communities Alex Muscat is promoting its initiatives by means of an organised visit in Dubai. During this visit, the agency is accompanying key stakeholders and assisting them as they seek to attract investment to the Maltese islands. Besides the various opportunities that the Maltese islands present, the Agency is communicating all the checks and balances that it carries out in order to ensure that its programme is one of the most prestigious in the EU.

Since its inception five years ago, Residency Malta has generated €71 million in income, allocated nearly €1 million in social initiatives just this year, and created around 300 jobs. Residency Malta’s CEO, Charles Mizzi, said that the aim of the visit is to promote the Agency’s mission, which is to act as a catalyst for suitable individuals who wish to make Malta their place of residence.

The visit has generated substantial interest in Residency Malta’s newly launched Nomad Residence Permit, aimed at third country nationals who are location-independent and who present a great economic opportunity by consuming and spending money locally, while attracting new investment from abroad in addition to possible ideas, skills and talent exchanges. “This is the way in which we concretely create a sustainable economic environment”, said Mr Mizzi.

“Residency Malta will shortly launch another new programme, the Start-up Residence Programme. This is aimed at attracting new businesses, opening new gateways into new markets and attracting founders who wish to relocate to Malta and launch their project ideas locally”, said Mr Mizzi. Residency Malta’s CEO expressed satisfaction at how the Start-up Residence Programme was communicated during 2022’s national budget reading; a clear sign of confidence that the Agency’s ideas are paving the way towards a new style of doing business. “Based on the present immigration regulations, we will compete on an equal footing with other countries who also aim to attract start-ups”, held Residency Malta’s CEO.

He concluded by commending Residency Malta’s team members who are committed to intense efforts to introduce and enact migratory pathways to facilitate business connections and to attract foreign investment resulting in direct local economic impact, which is a national priority for the benefit of all.  

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