‘Short-term distribution network plan put into motion due to heat wave’ – Miriam Dalli

Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 August, 2021 at 9:47 am by Andre Camilleri

A short-term solution to fix the damages on the distribution network is being put into motion given the heat wave, Minister for Energy Miriam Dalli told The Malta Independent yesterday.

During the recent spate of power cuts, numerous localities such as Marsaskala spent hours on end without any electrical supply due to damages by recent heat waves. According to reports, some parts of Marsascala spent up to 15 hours without power.

Various damages were later found on one of the cables forming part of the locality’s distribution network.

Repair works on the cable are being conducted in Wied IlGħajn, Dalli said. “The ministry is in constant contact with the affected residents in order to remedy the situation as soon as possible.”

Enemalta said this week that, with regard to the recent Marsascala power outage, while works were ongoing to repair the damaged distribution cable, generators were installed in the area in order to supplement the electrical supply.

Enemalta also said it believes the damage to the distribution network could have been caused

by the increase in demand of electricity due to the heatwaves. The energy corporation said the demand for electricity has even surpassed pre-pandemic levels.

The record consumption was that of 565 Mega Watts, Enemalta said. This increase in consumption has put a strain on the distribution system, leading to frequent power cuts in various localities.

“We are looking to address the vulnerabilities present in the distribution cables as soon as possible. Whenever there is a problem, we have to be able to act as fast as possible in order to reduce the time of the power outage,” Dalli said. The Malta Independent then asked Dalli whether compensation would be given to families and businesses who suffered damages due to the power outage. Dalli said that there already is a system of compensation in place by Enemalta which has existed for years.

Through this system, the people and businesses affected by the power outage can apply and their claim would be processed by Enemalta. If their claim is verified, an adequate compensation would be given to the individual.

Malta has entered another heatwave – the third one so far this summer – with temperatures expected to reach 43 degrees Celsius.

This newsroom asked Dalli whether anything is being done to prevent further power outages, especially in the areas most affected by the recent power cuts.

“We are looking at short-term solutions at the moment while also working on the long-term plan.”

Dalli also said that the shortterm plan was put into motion in order to tackle the imminent heat wave. “The long-term plan would be a permanent solution and we are looking to strengthen our distribution network in the coming months and years.”

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