Solidarity with the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine

Last Updated on Tuesday, 12 April, 2022 at 1:40 pm by Andre Camilleri

APS Bank is supporting a number of initiatives to assist people afflicted by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. A bank staff member, Marc Edward Pace Portanier, together with his friends, has been assisting displaced Ukrainians entering Poland, driving these refugees to various destinations and helping with buying food and medication. His involvement in these missions was recently featured on Topik on TVMnews+.

As a member of the Malta Bankers’ Association (MBA), APS Bank has joined an initiative to support Caritas Foundation Malta which, in collaboration with Caritas International, is appealing for monetary donations that will be used to purchase basic needs and pay for accommodation. Vulnerable people are supported to be reunited with their relatives located in safer areas, while recreational spaces are being created for children.

Donations towards this cause can be made via bank transfer to any of the following Caritas Foundation Malta accounts:

APS – MT31APSB77046000489010489011015; BOV – MT78VALL22013000000040023270071; HSBC – MT22MMEB44897000000089021513051 or by visiting

A message of peace is also being spread across the APS Bank branch network, with a visual stating, Peace is liberty in tranquillity, being displayed on the bank’s digital screens. The façade of the Head Office in Swatar has also been lit in the colours of the peace flag to further communicate this message.

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