Students showcase entrepreneurial skills at Easter fair organised by HSBC Malta Foundation and PTI Achieve Malta

Last Updated on Thursday, 13 April, 2023 at 12:45 pm by Andre Camilleri

An Easter fair set up by the HSBC Malta Foundation and Prince’s Trust International Achieve programme outside Parliament building in Valletta, saw students from 11 schools demonstrating their entrepreneurial skills by offering products to the public in exchange for donations.

All products were made by, or with the participation of the students, with all proceeds going to fund projects agreed to before-hand between the students and the schools.

Originally started as an HSBC Christmas fair, the event has evolved into an engaging project-based initiative for local students and NGOs.

Students were invited to participate and experience the process of conceiving an idea and seeing it through till the end. Four NGOs – the Malta Trust Foundation, STAND, Caritas Malta and Minn Idejna għall– Missjoni – participated in the event alongside the students.

In addition to allowing the students to fund their respective school projects, the fair also provided them with an opportunity to hone several skills, ranging from teamwork and communication to financial planning and salesmanship. In fact, the fair was moved from its previous location at St George’s Square to Parliament Square at the request of the students, who felt they would make more sales as a result of increased foot traffic.

The fair was also good fun and an opportunity to interact with students from other schools and the public.

The Easter fair was yet another initiative resulting from the partnership between the HSBC Malta Foundation and the Ministry for Education, Sports, Youth and Research and Innovation, through the PTI Achieve programme. The HSBC Malta Foundation is of the firm belief that such programmes provide students with the opportunity to develop essential life skills and gain real-world experience.

“We are thrilled to see the enthusiasm and dedication of the students who took part in the Easter fair. It’s a testament to the power of engagement and the positive impact that students can have when they are empowered to take charge of their own learning experiences,” said HSBC Executive Director Michel Cordina.

The Prince’s Trust International Achieve programme was started in Malta in 2015 by the HSBC Malta Foundation and the Ministry for Education and Employment and serves as an informal personal development programme aimed at helping students aged 11-19 to re-engage with and succeed in education.

Today the programme is being delivered in over 54 schools and centres across Malta and continues to grow and help more students each year.

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