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Malta’s FDI flows rebound, yet remain outpaced by ODI flows in...

Malta's FDI flows rebound in 2018, after dropping since 2014. Although ODI flows outpace that of FDI, the FDI stock still stays well above the ODI stock in 2018.

Hotels in Malta losing out on tourist nights to rented accommodations

The number of inbound tourists has been on a steady rise in the first half of 2019 — albeit the growth showing a slowing tendency in the past years — yet taking a thorough look at the number of nights spent by holidaymakers in Malta reveals that hotels are likely to be losing customers to rented accommodations increasingly by the month.

Maltese agricultural sector’s GVA falls 3.5% in 2018

Although the gross value added of Malta’s agricultural sector dropped by 3.5% to €57.3m in 2018, the sector appears to have been quite stagnant in the past five years.

Malta’s GDP grows 6.6% in Q2, provisional estimates show

Malta’s gross domestic product (GDP) grows by €204m (6.6%) to €3.275b in the second quarter of the year, as compared to the same quarter in 2018. In volume terms, GDP increases by 4%.

MLA pax numbers keep growing as seating capacity expands

Passenger movements through the Malta International Airport (MLA) grew by 5.6% to 798,453 in July, as compared to the same month a year earlier. This translates to an average of 25,700 passengers travelling through the hub every day. The airport has also recently opened a new seating area, improving seating capacity by 10%.

Malta’s industrial production grows 1.9% in June

The seasonally-adjusted index of industrial production increased by 1.9% in June 2019, compared to the previous month of the same year. The working-day adjusted index of industrial production increased by a y.o.y. 1.7%.

Social security benefits grow to €512m by end-June

Social security benefits outlay was up by 3% (€15m) to €512m during the first six months of 2019, compared to 2018. A €15.2m rise in contributory benefits spending was the catalyst for the increase, partially offset by a €0.2m drop in non-contributory expenditure.

Quarterly accounts register €16.5m deficit in Q1

A deficit of €16.5m in quarterly accounts has been recorded by the general government in Q1 2019. During the period, total revenue stood at €1.1308b, an increase of €89.3m when compared to the corresponding quarter of 2018.

Malta’s industrial producer prices up 1.2% in May

Malta’s industrial producer price index went up by 1.2% in May 2019 compared to the same month of 2018.

Malta harvests 16.9% more energy from PV systems in 2018

Renewable energy harvested from grid-connected Photo Voltaic (PV) systems was up by 16.9% to an estimated at 189.6 Gigawatt hours (GWh) in 2018, as compared to the preceding year.

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