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Crypto.com marries Visa card with crypto wallet, eyes Malta expansion

Crypto.com has linked up its crypto wallet with Visa cards, spearheading the popularisation of cryptocurrencies. Cofounder CEO Kris Marszalek talks about their presence in Malta and plans to expand into Europe.

San Pawl Milqi offers exclusive tour for HM Passport Visa holders

Students who have Heritage Malta Passport Visa are invited to attend an exclusive tour of the archaeological site of San Pawl Milqi in Burmarrad on 4 November. Due to the presence of bees on site, anybody allergic to bees is discouraged to participate.

Malta ranks 9th on Henley Passport Index

Malta ranks 9th on Henley Passport Index in 2019, a measure that aims to show which passports are the strongest in the world, offering visa-free travel.

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