The Embassy Valletta Hotel launches major tree planting scheme to help improve Valletta’s environment

Last Updated on Friday, 7 May, 2021 at 2:22 pm by Andre Camilleri

As a key stakeholder in Malta’s capital, the Embassy Valletta Hotel is proud to support a greener Valletta with the launch of an innovative tree and shrub planting scheme within the city. Under the scheme, the Embassy Valletta Hotel is partnering with Valletta Local Council and select travel and corporate companies to plant trees around the capital. A tree or shrub will be planted for every 50 bookings generated through the scheme partners. The Embassy Valletta Hotel is co-owned and operated by the Gasan Group and the Big Bon Group.

With many initiatives already underway across Malta to drive reforestation and tree planting in rural areas, the Embassy Valletta Hotel was inspired by the Valletta Local Council’s vision to apply the same principle to the urban landscape. With each hotel room reservation through the scheme, the Embassy Hotel is helping Valletta take a step closer to a greener reality.

Trees and shrubs play a crucial role in urban environments: providing shade in the summer months, acting as filters to provide oxygen and cleaner air, as well as providing shelter for wildlife and supporting biodiversity.

The launch of this green scheme marks a fitting start to life for the hotel, which opened its doors in December 2020 following an extensive redevelopment programme. The culmination of years of planning and design work and a €12 million investment; this landmark hotel is Valletta’s largest in the heart of the city, incorporating an understated luxury design and adding state of the art indoor and outdoor facilities to be enjoyed by patrons and visitors. This initiative also coincides with the annual Valletta Green Festival (7 May to 11 May) during which, Pjazza San Ġorġ, one of the largest open spaces in Valletta, is transformed into a display composed of thousands of seasonal flowering plants and flowers.

The Embassy Valletta Hotel is paving the way for a sustainable Maltese hotel industry not only through its tree planting scheme, but by making the ‘green choice’ for the services and facilities it provides. The hotel is a single-use plastic-free zone; uses only recyclable paper and bamboo in its bedroom facilities; has energy efficient systems and prioritises working with suppliers that not only offer high quality products but also prioritise social responsibility in their business activities.

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