The Malta Chamber of SMEs launches a project to protect businesses from cyber crime

Last Updated on Thursday, 1 October, 2020 at 2:53 pm by Andre Camilleri

Covid has hit the economy hard and the negative impact has been felt by all economic sectors. One area that has unfortunately flourished during this difficult time is cybercrime. Businesses going through difficulty have also been targeted by increased online threats and the number of victims is unfortunately on the increase. Hackers and malign actors, seeking to harm our systems and steal our data, have taken advantage of the Covid situation that has provided more opportunities due to increased online activity.

October is the European Cyber Security Month. During 2020, this EU campaign focuses on addressing the need for behavioral change and helping users recognise cyber risks. The Malta Chamber of SMEs has therefore partnered up with Cybergate Limited, in a quest to raise the bar in Malta on cyber security and increase businesses’ level of protection. 

The absolute majority of threats are easily avoidable with better knowledge, education and taking the necessary safeguard. Businesses, especially SMEs, not having personnel, in-house or outsourced, that specialise in cybersecurity, are currently very exposed to online treats.

It only takes one person within an entire business clicking on a disguised link, or taking instructions from what looks like a normal communication at first glance. 

As our partner, Cybergate Limited will assist the SME Chamber in championing this mandate in Malta on behalf of SMEs, backed by its long years of experience working in the area and a professional outreach strategy. Through this partnership an educational campaign will ensue on cyber security for business.  

SME Chamber President, Paul Abela said “we are very pleased to be taking a tangible step forward on the subject through this partnership, with a partner that shares our good intentions and ambitions for businesses. He stated that as a Chamber of SMEs we continuously encourage businesses to increase their online activity and we want them to do this in a safe manner”. 

Ing. Keith Fitzpatrick, Director of Cybergate Ltd stated that he wants this partnership to make a difference to businesses, especially SMEs. “As an experienced service provider in the sector we will put our knowledge at the disposal of the SME Chamber’s members in the form of free training and online resources to increase businesses’ capability to win over this injustice”.  

EU figures show that the impact of cybercrime is increasing at an alarming level with the absolute majority of businesses having experienced at least one cybersecurity incident.

Among companies in the EU 69% are reporting no or only basic understanding of their exposure to cyber threats. With an accelerating digital economy and society and the dependence on technology, cyber security has become more relevant and essential for businesses than ever. 

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