The Malta Chamber presents cabinet with the findings and recommendations of its Think Tank

Last Updated on Tuesday, 11 August, 2020 at 1:48 pm by Andre Camilleri

Cabinet of Ministers meeting hosted by The Malta Chamber at the Exchange Buildings for the first time in its 172-year history

During an extraordinary meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers which was held at The Exchange Buildings, offices of The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, the country’s political leadership was presented with the preliminary report of its Think Tank and round-tables in favour of a sustainable, resilient and competitive future for Malta.

Addressing the meeting, President Perit David Xuereb said that it was an honour for The Malta Chamber to host the Prime Minister and Government Ministers for the first time in its history, to hold a cabinet meeting at the Exchange Buildings.

“Welcoming the cabinet of Ministers to be held within our historical building for the first time, is history in the making” said Perit Xuereb. “The fact that this is Prime Minister Roberta Abela’s first cabinet outside of Auberge de Castille makes this occasion all the more memorable, as it reflects the Government’s appreciation for the work carried out by The Malta Chamber in favour of Malta’s business community.”

Perit Xuereb then proceeded to explain the reasoning behind the Malta Chamber’s proactive approach to policy, and how the Think Tank, under the leadership of Mr Joshua Zammit, made use of the vast expertise of The Malta Chamber’s membership, in order to propose solid policy recommendations to the movers and shakers of the country for a better and more resilient Malta tomorrow.

“With our Think Tank project, The Malta Chamber is once again taking a proactive role to sit in the driving seat. We want the well-being of our people that drives our economy. Economic growth must respect the country’s sustainability goals and the physical and mental wellness of our people” Perit Xuereb concluded.

Mr Joshua Zammit, Chair of the Think Tank delivered a detailed presentation about the process and its findings.

The Malta Chamber established a Think Tank earlier this year with the aim of designing scenarios of how the future might look, and identifying what actions should be taken to influence the country’s economic future. With the COVID19 pandemic taking centre-stage for most of 2020, the Think Tank’s first assignment was to focus on a multi-disciplinary action plan on how Malta’s economy could recover and take advantage of the new norm.

A series of round-tables were established to focus on specific fields of expertise, engaging the country’s finest and foremost leaders and experts in areas of interest of the economy, namely Tourism, Hospitality, Construction, Financial Services, Education & Training, Retail, Importers, Exporters, Digital & Media, Technology, Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics.

Gasan Mamo Insurance supported this ambitious Think Tank project.

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