The Malta Chamber releases recommendations for culture of workplace resilience during COVID-19

Last Updated on Friday, 19 March, 2021 at 8:52 pm by Andre Camilleri

The Malta Chamber’s Health & Wellness committee has released a policy document tackling the new ways in which COVID-19 has contributed to stress at the workplace, by offering best practices and policy recommendations to both employers and government alike. These policy instruments were drawn from two events organised by the committee late last year, in which business leaders and government came together to discuss numerous challenges brought about by the pandemic as well as their solutions.

While remote working has offered certain advantages, it has also had an impact on work culture. Therefore, the document, titled “Recommendations to Employers and Government to build a Culture of Wellness & Resilience during COVID with Employees”, aims to address problems such as the impact which remote working has had on team cohesion, and the importance of new digital tools to address the resulting gaps. Potential issues such as increased risks to mental health must also be anticipated.

The ‘Re-engineering and Transforming’, resulting from collaboration by The Malta Chamber and government, is held up as an ideal example as to how policy makers may assist businesses to adapt, through incentivizing digital transformation. Furthermore, government is encouraged to provide closer lines of communication with business, to provide the information needed to adapt to continued pressures on operations.

The Malta Chamber’s Health & Wellness committee continues to work on a number of initiatives with the objective of developing policy instruments which address the needs of today’s workforce. Mental health, stress and various other factors must be given their due importance in everyone’s interest. The policy document, “Recommendations to Employers and Government to build a Culture of Wellness & Resilience during COVID with Employees”, is freely available on The Malta Chamber’s website. The committee is chaired by Mrs. Catherine Calleja, Director & Group Company Secretary at Atlas Insurance.

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