The second edition of the Malta Aviation Conference and Expo launched

Last Updated on Friday, 2 October, 2020 at 1:16 pm by Andre Camilleri

Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg launched the second edition of the Malta Aviation Conference and Expo (MACE), which will take place digitally between the 18th and the 20th November 2020. The theme for this year is A Sustainable Aviation Industry: Finance, Regulation and Operations.

Minister Borg said that, “this year, the aviation industry, which is an important pillar for our economy at the centre of our country’s connectivity, has suffered unprecedented challenges because of the pandemic. However, it was still at the forefront, helping with repatriation and the delivery of essential products. We must now work to repay that determination. This conference will take this context and redefine the concept of sustainability. We want to see an industry operating on the excellent level it has always attained without risking future growth and success. Activities like MACE offer stakeholders a platform for dialogue, and I am proud that Transport Malta supports this conference”.

He reiterated government’s full support for this industry and said that government will offer a supportive shoulder to help aviation get back on its feet. He commended the Civil Aviation Directorate within Transport Malta while thanking all entities and companies within the industry.

“Despite challenges, the Maltese register has remained strong. Today we have 495 aircraft on our register – we are nearing 500 aircraft and we have 40 certified operators in our country. These numbers give us courage and re-confirm the trust the industry has in our country and the directorate. Together we will arrive at the desired destination, even if we will still encounter old and new challenges”, concluded Minister Ian Borg.

Transport Malta Chairman Joseph Bugeja said, “it is indeed a pleasure for Transport Malta to support MACE focusing on a sustainable aviation industry, from the perspectives of finance, regulation and operations. Transport Malta is the main sponsor for this conference with honour since it embraces the Civil Aviation Directorate as one of its very important business pillars. During these unchartered and unknown times, Transport Malta has nevertheless taken up the sponsorship since it concretely believes in the sector which needs to identify the best way forward to achieve improved results. The Civil Aviation Directorate has continued to register progress with further registration of aircrafts under the 9H registry which have already exceeded our expectations. The virtual conference is being organised by a very professional team of experts and Transport Malta is confident that it will reach out to the international audience as planned”.

MACE founders, Jonathan Dalli and Stanley Bugeja said that, “following the success of last year’s conference, during which more than 250 delegates participated, MACE is set to keep its position as Malta’s biggest ever conference and expo to be held on the island, albeit in a virtual environment this year. The theme this year will focus on sustainability in line with ongoing debates being discussed in the aviation industry and our online platform is geared up to cater for a near-physical event as much as possible”.

MACE is being organised with the support of Transport Malta and under the patronage of the Malta Business Aviation Association (MBAA). Delegates may register their interest and benefit from a 50% early-bird discount when registering prior to 31st October 2020. For more information, visit

MACE was founded by DC Aviation Group, the Concept Stadium and Novargo.

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