The Yachting Services Business Section Executive Board meets Prof. Charmaine Gauci

Last Updated on Thursday, 2 July, 2020 at 2:59 pm by Andre Camilleri

On Wednesday 1st July, the Yachting Services Business Section Executive Board met with Superintendent of Health Prof. Charmaine Gauci and the Director at the Environmental Health Directorate, Dr Clive Tonna.

The Executive Board called this meeting to discuss the several issues that arose during the pandemic within the yachting industry and debated the different scenarios that stakeholders were currently experiencing.

Prof. Gauci clarified various measures that have come to effect in recent weeks and explained the mitigating steps that were in place. Discussions also ensued with regard to the practical handling of requests for the entry and transiting of yachts in Malta going forward.

Chairman of the Yachting Services Business Section, Dr Alison Vassallo said that “With the easing of restrictions in light of the enviable track record attained by Malta in the handling of the pandemic, and considering the controlled environment that yachting lends itself to as regards adherence to preventive measures, the various sectors that are dependent on this industry can work together to welcome yachts to our shores while fully respecting applicable legislation and protocols. “

The Executive Board members present for this meeting were Dr Alison Vassallo, Mr Peter Fiorini Lowell, Mr Matthew Gusman and Mr Niki Travers Tauss. 

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